Welcoming Our Clients from Georgia and Ethiopia 2019-11-30

This August and September, Xiamen Aofei Building Materials had a chance to welcome two of our great clients — Mr. Temo from Georgia and Mr.Coo from Ethiopia. They came to China to check our company’s products and discuss future cooperation.

In August, our boss Angela and Mr. Temo visited production sites together to check black granite in particular, as well as to have a look at other types of granite.

Later in September, we were welcoming Mr.Coo from Ethiopia! Mr. Coo came to visit our company and check granite 623 with us. Ibrahim Granite & Ceramic Import & Distributor is ordering step risers and window seals from Xiamen Aofei Building Materials.

We are grateful for our clients’ trust and will make sure our high-quality products are up to the best standards!

Keep Silent

Now, let’s count to twelve

Let’s keep silent

On the earth this time,

Let’s not speak any language,

Let’s cease for a second,

And stop waving our arms wildly.

This will be a sweet moment,

No hurry, no trains to catch

In a sudden uneasiness,

All of us coming  together,

The fishermen on the cold sea can treat whales well.

The peasants are collecting salt.

Looking at their cracked palms

Those people are preparing for a green war.

A gas and oil war, and a firework war,

Despite a triumph, there is no survivor

Put on a clean garment, take a walk side by side

With ur brother under the tree, leisurely and carefree.

My aspiration should not be confused with the useless idleness;

Life matters in itself above all

I do not want anything to do with death anyway;

If we fail to agree

Let our lives by fully dynamic

If we nothing for once

Perhaps a tremendous silence

Will break the sorrow

The nature of ourselves is unknown

As well as the menace of death

Perhaps the Earth is instructing us

Everything remains alive while seemingly dying.

Now I will count to twelve

U keep silent, and I will leave.

Angela Liu

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